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Quality Carpet Cleaning

We are the leader in “residue free” carpet cleaning. Our process leaves your carpets soft and soap free. Most cleaners clean with soap, but never really rinse it out; we do! You wouldn’t wash your hair or your clothes without rinsing them, why carpet? Our system rinses the soap out and this actually facilitates drying. You can expect carpets to be dry in 3-5 hours under normal situations or we can “fast dry” them – cutting drying time in half.

Careful Furniture Cleaning

Some furniture fabrics are very delicate. We take steps to protect against any harmful effects during cleaning by using only gentle soaps with a low PH factor. After your pieces are soil and soap free we apply “Fiber Tech” for added protection and to keep furniture clean longer.

Pets Stain and Odor Removal

Just like all our other services, we have lots of experience and technical “know-how” to correct even the toughest pet problems. Because of their nature, each pet problem must be evaluated on a case by case basis. We strive to satisfy each situation if possible. Our chemicals are manufactured specifically for pet problems. If on the other hand, we feel good results cannot be achieved, we will be honest and tell you. Our aim is to solve problems not just spend your money.

Please inquire about our signature services for boats and RV’s

Customers Rewards Program

To thank the many customers who refer us to others…we show our appreciation by giving a “carpet cleaning credit” or “cash” to anyone who tells someone about us. We feel very fortunate that our loyal customers tell their friends, family and associates about us and to show our appreciation we enjoy back. Thank you!